The birth of okonomiyaki that has evolved to the limit

Campaign period 2021/03/31-2021/06/01

Ultimate Mix Okonomiyaki¥1208

Top your okonomiyaki with creamy seafood monjayaki, and add some vinegar chili oil, too, if you like.

Ultimate Yuzu Salt Pork Okonomiyaki¥1098

Okonomiyaki with tons of pork!
For the finishing touch, top with mayonnaise and yuzu-flavored sauce.

Ultimate Octopus Okonomiyaki¥1098

Tender okonomiyaki with plenty of octopus chunks. For the finishing touch, pour special yuzu-flavored mayo and broth over a fluffy egg.

Ultimate Shrimp Mayo Okonomiyaki¥1098

Fully-shrimped okonomiyaki packed with three kinds of shrimps.

Ultimate Squid Okonomiyaki¥1098

Okonomiyaki with plenty of squid and a kick of garlic, served with fluffy squid ink sauce.