Wild and Tasty!! Camping Food

Campaign period 2021/12/1-2022/3

Griddle Butter Sweet Potato With Vanilla Ice Cream¥500

Creamy rich sweet potato, as a dessert!
Eat the potato and ice cream together for a great mix of hot and cold!

Griddle Chicken Shoyu Ramen¥750

Once you've finished the noodles, put in the cheese rice and make a cheese risotto!

Spare Rib in Foil¥700

A garlicy spare rib with veggies

Wild Spam Egg¥950

A voluminous okonomiyaki with rice, topped with crispy spam and a fried egg sunny side up

Canned Curry Dip¥650

Dip three kinds of crepes into canned curry heated on a griddle!