Limited time offer! Autumn Taste Fair

Campaign period 2023/09/06-

Extra Mix Okonomiyaki filled with yams in autumn ¥1,500

Rich okonomiyaki filled with specially selected ingredients and crispy yams!
The finishing sauce is also filled with yams!

Porcini Seasoning Cheese-covered Pork Okonomiyaki ¥1,380

Special cheese-covered pork balls only available this fall!
Shimeji mushrooms are piled high with flavorful pork balls topped with porcini-flavored melted cheese!

Potato Fried Monjayaki ¥660

Creamy monja with a rich flavor of vegetables and bacon with a melt-in-your-mouth texture!
Fries can be dipped in or out!

Autumn Apple Pancakes ¥780

Tea pancakes topped with sweet and sour apple sauce and vanilla ice cream!

Apple pudding a la mode ¥660

Luxurious sweet with plenty of pulpy apple sauce, whipped cream and crispy pie