Feels like everlasting summer in Dotonbori♪ Limited time summer fair!

Campaign period 2023/06/07-

Summer Seafood Extra Mix Okonomiyaki ¥1,380

Seafood-filled top mix okonomiyaki topped with onion-salmon
Drizzled with lemon mayo sauce!

Manul cheese Pork Okonomiyaki ¥1,180

The slightly sweet okonomiyaki is filled with cream cheese!
Finally, smear the garlic butter sauce!

Tonkotsu Baby Star Monja ¥600

Monja in a rich pork bone broth!
Baribori baby star to finish!

Mango pudding a la mode ¥600

Mango sherbet & chilled mango on thick pudding
A summer sweet that is refreshing and rich at the same time!