Limited time only! Winter Manpuku Fair

Campaign period 2023/12/06-2024/03/05

The Rock Chashu Okonomiyaki ¥1,280

About 100 grams of chashu (pork) is placed in the bowl, making it a satisfying dish! Finish with Japanese sweet sauce and a fried egg on top!

Truffle-scented Two kinds of cheese in hamburger okonomiyaki ¥1,430

Filled with cream cheese and two kinds of mixed cheese, it's like a hamburger! Okonomiyaki

cheap snacks Potato Salted Butter MonjaYaki ¥500

Potatoes are in abundance in this monja!
Dip the fries in the batter and enjoy! Sprinkle it on!

Strawberry chocolate pudding a la mode ¥600

A luxurious sweet with strawberry ice cream and plenty of chocolate sauce!