Battle of the Fall Flavors

Campaign period 2021/09/08-2021/11/30

Fluffy Taro Tuna Mayo Okonomiyaki¥900

It's so fluffy and loaded with taro chunks!
Top it with tuna mayo and scallions.

Smoked Teriyaki Mayo Okonomiyaki¥800

Richly flavored okonomiyaki lavishly topped with a special smoked mayo sauce.

Three Mushroom and Short Rib Butter Soy Sauce Monja¥880

The rich umami of the three mushrooms spreads throughout the batter.

Three Mushroom and Short Rib Japanese Yakisoba¥940

Tons of mushrooms and their mouthwatering aromas!

Scallion Tuna Fried Rice¥750

Fragrant fried rice with smoked black pepper and loads of scallions.Top it with a fried egg and a smoked mayo sauce.